3 Reasons Why Self-Discipline is Freaking Awesome

3 Reasons Why Self-Discipline Is Freaking Awesome

3 Reasons Why Self-Discipline Is Freaking Awesome

true freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline – J. Adler Mortimer

Do you associate self-discipline with pain and constraints?

In this article I’m going to give you 3 reasons why self-discipline is in fact freaking awesome. Are you ready?

#1 Self-discipline leads to freedom

So you hate self-discipline because you value your freedom more than anything else right? And there is nothing worse to you than having too many constraints in your life. I get it.

But, what if I tell you that you can’t really enjoy freedom without self-discipline?

Think about it for a moment. How can you expect to be free when you have so limited control over your body and your mind? How can you be free when you can’t resist eating junk food or drinking alcohol, when you are constantly depressed, angry or unhappy?

The sad truth is that most people have very little self-discipline. They can’t control their diet and fail to achieve most of their goals. They are totally enslaved by their mind and have very little control over their emotions and thoughts.

Self-discipline is what allows you to create freedom in your life. Imagine the degree of freedom you would have if you were in total control of your body and your mind? Imagine how your life would drastically change if you could focus on your long-term vision rather than going for instant gratification like junk food, TV or video games?

Yes, self-discipline is freaking awesome

Still not convince?

#2 Self-discipline dramatically increases your self-esteem

Most people don’t realize that self-discipline is highly correlated to self-esteem. If you can’t trust yourself to do what you intend to do, can you reasonably expect to have a deep love for yourself? Nathaniel Branden, the most renown expert on self-esteem defines self-esteem as the « reputation we acquire with ourself ». If each time you said you are going to go to the gym, study or work on your business you watch TV and eat junk food instead, what kind of reputation do you think you’re going to have with yourself? Sure you can always pretend that it is okay, but do you honestly believe that?

People who meditate for hours or challenge themselves to accomplish extremely demanding feats are not crazy. They simply understand the important of self-discipline and how it positively impacts their self-esteem and level of fulfillment in life.

Yes, self-discipline increases yourself esteem. Pretty cool isn’t it?

What about you? What reputation do you have with yourself ?

Still not totally convince?

#3 Self-discipline allows you to achieve significantly more in life

Do you really want to get results in life? Guess what? The more you are in control of your body, your mind and your action, the more things you will get done. Having self-discipline will allow you to complete the tasks you said you will do and to deliver results consistently. If you want to know what real self-discipline looks like, try read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin or Templeton Plan: 21 Steps to Personal success and Real Happiness by Sir John Templeton. Even more intense, read The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei. (learn more about the marathon monks in this article)

Disciplining yourself to accomplish goals consistently is one of the best ways to build self-esteem (if you haven’t set any goals yet you might want to check my book on goal setting)

Self-discipline isn’t something to be despised. It feels great to be able to consistently achieve your goal knowing that you can trust yourself. Self-discipine gives you more control over your life and thus more freedom, and allows you to achieve significanlty more. If anything, you should be pretty excited to watch yourself becoming more and more discipline day after day.

What you can do today to build more self-discipline

Setting goals or implementing habits on a daily basis is a great way to build self-discipline. Here are two things you can do:

Your 30-day challenge

I really want you to get results in life so I would like to invite you to participate to a 30-day challenge starting from today. Just select one of the two options previously mentioned:

  1. Set your goals everyday for 30 days
  2. Implement one new daily habit and stick to it for the next 30 days

Leave me a comment below to tell me whether you choose option 1 or option 2.

BONUS : one thing you can do when you struggle to discipline yourself

It is not always easy to discipline yourself to take action on a consistent basis. I personally struggle a lot and failed many times when trying to implement positive habits.

One thing that I found powerful is to invest money in high-quality programs that specifically meet my need. By investing your hard earned money you commit yourself to take action and significantly increase your changes to get results.

To give you an example, for quite a while I’ve been wanted to adopt a daily morning ritual that would help me condition my mind for more happiness and success, but I could never follow through.

So when I came accross a program called Morning Ritual Mastery online, I decided to buy it. The truth is that I can find the same content for free online, but I would never had been able to stick to that habit if I didn’t invest my money in a program and commit to take consistent actions.

I really recommend this program if you want to build a morning ritual to help you experienced more gratitude, joy and motivation in life. It’s an affiliate product which means that I earn commission if you buy it using the link in this article. If you are interested you can get it here. Otherwise you can check the free video with a similar content here

What program could you invest in that would support you in getting the results you want?



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