6 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your Mind Could Do

6 amazing things you didn't know your mind could do

6 amazing things you didn't know your mind could do

Have you ever been blown away by extraordinary feats accomplished by human beings? What if YOU could do extraordinary things too by harnessing the power of your mind?

Sounds too good to be true? You may believe that some people have unique superpowers, but the only difference between them and you is that they realized the power of their mind while you just haven’t yet.

Now, let me introduce you to the 6 amazing things you didn’t know your mind could do.

1. You can use your mind to withstand extreme cold

Doctors say we cannot survive more than a few minutes in extremely cold water. Yet, there is a man that can stand fully immersed in ice for more than 1 hour and 30 min, and complete a full marathon above the artic circle in Finland, in temperatures close to −20 °C wearing only shorts.

Wim Hof (AKA Iceman) learned to withstand extreme cold by controlling his mind using breathing exercises and other techniques. He is not just doing that to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. In fact, he has a huge mission: make people around the world realize that they have the power to control their mind and stay happy, strong and healthy.

According to him, everybody can do what he is doing, and he actually proved it in a documentary by training other people, who were able, after only a few days of training, to climb a mountain in extreme cold wearing only shorts.

He is actively collaborating with the scientific community to bring more awareness around that topic. He is awesome, so check out some of the resources I mention at the end of this article.

2.You can use your mind to influence your immune system

Iceman has also been able to demonstrate under clinical tests that he can control his immune system, which scientists thought was impossible. In an experiment back in 2011, he was injected an endotoxin that should have made him sick for a few hours, but nothing happened. A new experiment including 12 people trained by Wim Hof and 12 “normal” people was conducted in 2013 and yielded impressive results showing that we are indeed able to influence our immune system. Wim Hof claims that we all have the power to regulate our immune system to prevent illness and stay healthy. What do you think?

3.You can use your mind to heal yourself

You have the power to heal yourself. The scientific community can keep denying it, but do you know what pharmaceutical companies do before launching a new product? They test it to see whether it is more efficient than the placebo effect. What is the placebo effect? It is nothing more than you healing yourself by believing that the pill they are giving you will help you! The pill is not necessary, it is your belief that heals yourself not the pill.

4.You can use your mind to live longer

Studies have shown that your perception of aging has a deep impact on your life expectancy. People who expect to have a long life, and who have a positive perception of aging, will on average live significantly longer than people who have a negative perception of aging. You can read more about that in my article: Why Your Perception of Aging Matters

5. You can use your mind to withstand extremely harsh conditions

We’ve already seen that we can withstand extreme cold, but it is only one example of what your mind can do. Would you agree that a marathon is physically one of the most challenging activities?  That is not necessarily the case for everyone.

In Japan, in their quest for enlightenment, Mount Hiei Marathon Monks from the Tendai school of Buddhism must walk the equivalent of 1,000 marathons in the mountains over a period of 7 years, covering a distance greater than the circumference of the earth. The first 3 years they have to walk 30 to 40 km for 100 days in a row each year, the fourth year, 30 to 40 km for 100 days in a row twice. During the seventh year, in addition to the 100-day 30 to 40 km marathon they also have to walk 84 km (2 marathons) for 100 days in a row.

Only those who have completed 100 walking marathons in a row during the first year are elligible for the quest  and once they accept it they can’t withdraw and must either complete the 1,000 marathons or take their own life.

But the walking part is just the easy stuff. One of the most challenging parts of their quest takes place during the fifth year when they have to meditate for more than a week without food, water and sleep while repeating the same mantra 100,000 times. Two monks stay constantly next to the meditating monk to make sure he does not fall asleep.

Only 46 people have completed the 1,000 marathon since 1886 and among them 3 completed it twice.

6. You can use your mind to rewire your brain

You have the power to rewire your brain and modify it regardless of your age.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was a child with learning disabilities. She was told that she would never learn as other children and would have to learn to live with her limitations. She couldn’t tell the time, she had spatial problems and couldn’t read a map and would get lost even in her friend’s house. She was unable to make sense of concepts, ideas or relationships (like cause and effect). For instance, she couldn’t make sense of philosophical books. Neither could she understand irony and jokes so that she had to learn to laugh when other people did.

Out of despair she tried to commit suicide. However, she then found out the work of well-known psychologists who was doing experiment on rats. Experiments revealed that physiological changes occurred in their brains when stimulated. Believing that it would probably be the case for humans too, she went on designing various exercises to train our brain and was able to modify her brain bit by bit until she fully recovered.

Yes, you can rewire your brain at any age.


Our mind is more powerful that most of us imagine. With our mind we can regulate our immune system, heal ourself, rewire our brain, and withstand extreme conditions.

You may think that the things mentioned in this article don’t apply to you. However, it is important to remember that, on the fundamental level, our minds are all very similar. With a huge shift in our belief system and the adequate training we can without a doubt accomplish great things.

Don’t you feel like pushing your mind a little bit harder now? I personally do!

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