6 Common Traps To Avoid When Doing Personal Development

6 Common Traps to Avoid when doing personal development

6 Common Traps to Avoid when doing personal development











How much did you change since you began your personal development journey?

If you haven’t seen real change in your life, it may be because you fell into some common traps on the way.

In this article, I would like to warn you against several traps you may fall into when you decide to seriously pursue personal development, and encourage you to go deeper into your own personal development journey. I must mention that I experienced most of the traps myself in the past and still experience some of them today.

Here are the 6 common traps to avoid when doing personal development.

1. Being a personal development junkie

Personal development like anything else (drugs, food, sex, work, games…) can become very addictive. Actually, most of the personal development website online are designed in a way that entice you to read more and more articles. Of course, there is nothing wrong here. Everybody wants to build traffic and make money out of their online business.

Articles will give you a shot of dopamine, some hope or boost your motivation, which is fine. However, it would not have a lasting effect. To create lasting change in your life you will have to go deeper and understand the fundamentals.

If, in spite of all the books you read, all the workshops you’ve been to, you haven’t seen real changes in your life, it is probably because you are escaping from your fears rather than facing them. Personal development became simply another way to distract yourself or just a hobby.

2. Not understanding the fundamentals

You can read as many articles as you want, but nothing will really change unless you understand the fundamentals. Here are some of those fundamentals:

Most of our problems are the results of a lack of awareness regarding how our own psychology works. Thus, self-observation appears as one of the most important practices we can acquire to become more aware of our own psychology.
How well do you understand the fundamentals?

If you haven’t got it yet you can get my free ebook “The 5 Commandment of Personal Development” here. Inside this e-book I talk a lot about the fundamentals.

3. Getting lost in the mass of information

Have you ever getting lost online while looking for personal development resources?
There are thousands and thousands of personal development websites, which makes it very hard to find the right information in an organized way. Often, personal development website are not very well structured. They will entertain you for a while, but they might not give the fundamentals you need to create lasting impact in your life.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that my own website is extremely well organized, but I’m trying to provide you with some structure via my free ebook and the series of email I send to my new subscribers to help them get started. I will keep improving the structure (your feedback is more than welcome!)

Honestly, I don’t read many personal development articles online. I think that books are way more structured and more effective to create real change providing you take appropriate actions. In my article Step 1: Everything Starts with Your Mindset I share some resources you can use to get started. (I personally recommend Jim Rohn’s audiobok The Art of Exceptional Living to get started.)

Having said that, if I were to recommend you personal development blogs I would recommend the 2 blogs without which I wouldn’t have started this blog.

1. Leo Gura’s blog: actualized.org
Leo Gura considers himself as guinea pig for personal development. He is one of the rare persons I know that really goes deep into personal development and human psychology. His videos are quite long, but I encourage you to check some of them when you have time. It is by looking at his website and video that I realized that it was exactly what I wanted to do, which is probably one the main reason this blog exists.

2. Steve Pavlina’s blog: stevepavlina.com
Steve Pavlina’s website is one of the most popular personal development website and contains more than 2,000 articles. Steve Pavlina’s articles are insightful and go quite deep so I encourage you to read some of them during your free time. He also greatly inspired me to start my website.

I do browse online from time to time to find other interesting resources and articles to share, or to find inspiration for my blog. However, if I didn’t have a blog on personal development I wouldn’t do that. Rather than spending your time reading articles online I encourage you to focus on a few great books and do all the exercises before moving to something else. You will value way more the content if you invest some money than if you get it for free.

4. Not taking enough action

You may already be reading tons and tons of books about personal development. However, in the end, if you don’t take action on what you read nothing will change. Here are few things you can do to ensure that you take action consistently:

  • Invest money in the best resources you can find. It will force you to take action and will avoid you to waste time looking for free resources. Even if you can get the same content for free, I would still recommend you to invest in books or programs that are well structured unless you have a lot of free time to look for free stuff.
  • Have regular meetings with people you will be accountable to. For instance, you can join a group of like-minded people you trust, have an accountability buddy or hire a coach. Personally, I really feel the need for regular meetings to make sure I’m moving forward with my goal and boost my motivation. I’m still working on building the adequate structure for me.
  • Set clear goals. Setting goal is extremely important. It is a great way to achieve more in your life and to clarify what you want to get done in the coming weeks, months or years. You can check my articles on goal here, or my goal setting e-book here

5. Not being open-minded enough

If you consider yourself to be a rational person, you will inevitably come across a lot of woo-woo stuff that you will immediately discard as being total non-sense. It is how I used to feel and how I still feel for many things. However, I would encourage you to stay as open-minded as you can while remaining skeptical (See Why Your Level of Awareness Sucks). Many different visions of the world exist and, strangely enough, we all tend to believe that our vision of the world is the only one valid! Don’t you think right now that your vision of the world is right? Be open to the possibility that it is actually very likely to be wrong.

6. Not going deep enough

How much deeper can you go into your personal development? Do you really understand who you are? Are you aware of all the beliefs that are holding you back in life?

It’s easy to stay at the surface than to go deep. You probably prefer to stay with your current version of the world and believe you are right than to challenge most of your beliefs. However, to make profound change in your life, you will have to spend more time observing yourself and analyzing your beliefs more and more carefully.

In fact, one of the major problems we encounter in our personal development journey is our lack of awareness. We cannot possibly be aware or know higher state of consciousness because by definition we aren’t aware of them.

It’s very much like modern people believing that they understand the world or are very close to understand it. They happily delude themselves in believing that they discover almost everything that had to be discovered. Of course, this is not true at all!

Personally, I feel like I barely scratch the surface. There are so many things as the subconscious level that I’m still not aware of. I have a lot of wrong beliefs that I need to get rid of and a lot of limitations that I need to overcome. (See 6 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your Mind Could Do to see what cool things you can do with your mind)

Remember: being open-mind (but skeptical) is a good start.

In Conclusion:

When starting personal development we may fall prey to many traps. I hope that this article will help you avoid those traps and live the life you were born to live. Let me remind you of the 6 traps to avoid:

1. Being a personal development junkie

  • Ask yourself honestly whether you are really facing your fears

2. Not understanding the fundamentals

3. Getting lost in the mass of information

  • Focus only on 1 or 2 blogs you like
  • Buy books or programs catering to your needs

4. Not taking enough action

  • Take consistent actions on every book or article you read
  • Have someone to be accountable to
  • Set goals

5. Not being open-minded enough

  • Accept that your current beliefs may be wrong
  • Be open-minded but remain skeptical

6. Not going deep enough

  • Challenge your beliefs and stay open-minded

What about you? What is the most common trap that is stopping you from growing? Leave a comment below and let me know?

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