My Goals For 2014 – Set Your Goals Too!

my goals for 2014

The key to goal setting is for you to think on paper. Successful men and women think with a pen in their hands; unsuccessful people do not – Brian Tracy

Goal Setting

Taking the time to set goals and make them measurable is a determinant factor of our success. Having goals means we are moving towards a direction we have clearly identified instead of hanging around just hoping that good things will happen in the future. A pen, a piece of paper and your brain is all you need to set goals so why not setting your goals now?

My goals For 2014


  • I will definitely coach 10 people for free  (5)
  • I will definitely create original business cards for my coaching business (work in progress)
  • I will definitely meet 5 life coaches  (2)

Public Speaking

  • I will definitely give one speech in a school or any other institution – not accomplished
  • Toasmasters
    • I will definitely give 7 speeches (4 in Japanese, 3 in English)  
    • I will definitely be Toastmaster of the evening one time  
    • I will definitely be Topicsmaster (one time in English and one time Japanese)
    • I will definitely be evaluator one time – not accomplished

Personal Development

  • I will launch a blog that generates 20,000 pages viewed monthly in December 2014  (10,019 pages views per month)
  • I will definitely have 20 articles published on my blog (21)
  • I will definitely record 10 videos and put them on Youtube and on my blog  (15)
  • I will definitely publish a 20-pages ebook on personal development on Amazon, selling easily 100 copies a month (17,000 words written so far)


  • I will definitely generate a cumulated revenue of ¥200,000/month in December 2014 (part time job, blog…)  ¥110,000


  • I will definitely move towards becoming a vegetarian:
    • I will buy books about vegetarianism 
    • I will experience vegetarianism for one month
  • I will definitely meditate for 20 minutes every single day without any exception pretty consistent but not every day. Since I created a chain of habits about a month ago. I’ve been doing it every single day.
  • I will definitely run/walk every morning without any exception  I’ve been walking but not necessarily every day
  • I will definitely join the 10 Day Vipassana meditation course, write an article about it, and publish it on my blog. Course was cancelled. Still thinking whether I should apply to the course that runs during Christmas and the New Year or postpone to January.


  • I will definitely approach a total of 1,000 women in bars, shops or in the street  75

1,000 women is too much! After making about 60 approaches I realized that approaching women just for the sake of approaching does not really make sense. I could say “hi” to a thousand women and it wouldn’t do much in term of personal growth. It wouldn’t help me going more and more out of my comfort zone. For that reason, for now I will focus more on having quality interactions. I will talk to girls I feel like talking to and try to have a coffee with them or get their numbers.

N.B. I will update my progress regularly. I might add or remove some elements if deemed necessary.


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