The Power of Hypnosis – Some Unconventional Ways to Use Hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis - Some Unconventional ways to use hypnosis

The Power of Hypnosis - Some Unconventional ways to use hypnosis

Tell a hypnotized subject that your finger is a red hot poker and he will not only grimace with pain at your touch, but his cardiovascular and lymphatic systems will react just as if your finger were a red hot poker and produce inflammation and perhaps a blister on the skin. – Maxwell Maltz

When you hear the word “hypnosis” what comes to your mind? If you had the opportunity would you like to be hypnotized? Why or why not?

I’m personally fascinated by the power of the mind and how our beliefs of the world create our own subjective reality. Hypnosis is an excellent way to realize how believing in something make it real beyond what you can imagine and how our subconscious mind can seriously get in our way by running counterproductive beliefs.

We are all operating under a subjective model of reality that is the result of our environment, the various experiences we went through in our life and the way we chose to interpret these events. In that sense, we can say that we’ve all been hypnotized to a certain extent.

Hypnosis can be a great way to access to your subconscious mind and re-program it in order to get rid of phobias and limiting beliefs among other problems.

However, hypnosis might be able to do much more than that? What if hypnosis could provide us with answers to deeper questions like: “Do we have a soul?” or “Where are we coming from?”

In this article I would like to introduce you to 3 untypical hypnotists and show you what it may be possible to do with hypnosis. You might not believe some of the things I will talk about in this article or might find them rather controversial but I encourage you to stay open-minded 🙂

Derren Brown – When Everything Seems Possible

You might have heard of Derren Brown. He is a famous English illusionist, mentalist and hypnotist known for his appearances on various TV shows. He is so talented that it looks as if he had some psychic superpowers. However, he, himself, is a sceptic and likes to denounce so-called psychic who pretend to have such power.

Now, let me introduce you to a few interesting experiments he made for TV shows.

The invisible man

In this video Derren Brown make himself invisible!

Sitting in freezing ice water

Derren Brown was looking for a candidate who was very receptive to hypnosis to become the main character of his show “The Assassin” mentioned below. After putting him under hypnosis, he asked him to sit in freezing ice water (less that 2 degrees). The result is quite impressive !

The Assassin

There is often a debate on whether we can get people under hypnosis to get things they don’t want to do or not. In this show, Derren Brown wanted to see whether we could actually program someone to kill without him remembering anything at all. This show was inspired by the story of Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy in 1968 and claims that he doesn’t remember anything because he was under some kind of hypnosis. Check out what happened!

Short version (9 min)


Full version (48 min)

Mark Cunningham – Erotic Hypnosis

Mark Cunningham is a hypnotherapist whom an acquaintance of mine learnt hypnosis from. After asking to be introduced to that hypnotherapist, I discovered that he was now specialized in a rather unusual field: erotic hypnosis. Not exactly what I had in mind when considering learning hypnosis. One of the main things he is doing according to his word is to “re-ignite a woman’s sexuality, training them to become fully orgasmic, highly responsive, and having their primal sexuality infused throughout their whole lives…” In our modern world, it can be more difficult for women than for men to express fully their sexuality. Mark Cunningham put women under hypnosis and have them having orgasm on command and help them reignite their sexuality. It’s an interesting way to use hypnosis.

I encourage you to check out his website if you are interested. He has some demonstration videos.

N.B. You might find some of his stuff to be quite controversial.

Michael Newton – Life Between Lives

Michael Newton has been a hypnotherapist for over 50 years. At the beginning he was rather a traditional therapist helping his clients with problems like insomnia or depression. From time to time, some patients would come to him and ask him if he could put them under hypnosis in order to help them relive their past lives, but he would refuse saying that he wasn’t into that kind of things.

One day, a patient came and asked him if he could de-program an injury that he thought was from his childhood. He felt pain under the ribs on his left side and it was getting worse. He couldn’t sleep well. He had seen several doctors but they couldn’t find anything and said it was a psychosomatic disorder.

Michael Newton accepted to offer him his help but he couldn’t find anything from his childhood that would account for his patient’s pain on his left side. Finally, in frustration, he said to his patient “I want you go to the source of your pain. When was the first time that you felt this pain?”

Suddenly, the patient started screaming: “I’m being bayoneted”. He was remembering a past life during World War I where he was a British sergeant in the fourth corps. Michael Newton who was sceptic, asked him a lot of questions. His patient gave him a lot of details and when he checked out later, what he found out surprisingly concurred with his patient’s explanations.

He then went on studying thousand of cases of life between lives during the 70s and 80s before publishing his first book: Journey of Souls in 1994.

I highly encourage you to watch Michael Newton’s interview below


I decided to start with his second book Destiny of Souls published in 2000 and I’m half through it. Honestly, it’s one of the most disturbing books I’ve ever read. Michael Newton has been a hypnotherapist for over 50 years and what he is talking about is the result of thousand of cases he encountered in his career. Yet, his description of the life between lives is so detailed that it sounds completely crazy and hard to believe. Interestingly, there are a lot of similarities in how patients recall their life between lives, and it is so detailed that it can’t help but wonder how they could possibly be making it all up.

Here is a very brief summary of some ideas in his books: Souls are timeless and immortal entities. They reincarnate in a different bodies that are chosen for specific reasons. (Usually as an opportunity to grow and overcome shortcomings). Indeed, it seems like souls are constantly doing personal development to purify themselves. That’s cool! Once we die, we come back to the spirit world where we can reflect on our past life and review the progress we’ve made before choosing a new body to reincarnate in. In the spirit world there is no sense of time and we can very well spend hundred of years there before reincarnating in a new body.

If you are interested, I encourage you to read one of his books. You will find a lot more details about the life between lives.

I can’t help wondering what a sceptic hypnotist like Derren Brown would say about Michael Newton’s work.

What about you? Have you been hypnotized before? If not, would you like to? What would be the purpose? Finally, do you believe in life between lives and reincarnation?

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